Take A Stance

by The Human Rights

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Well I and I say 'Take a stance for the upliftment and unification for those downpressed within I and I human community....Sellassie I!'
Yeah! Well I and I say 'Take a stance which is pro-love, pro-peace, pro-Inity!'
Yeah! Well I say 'bless up all Freedom Fighters, basic Human Rights defenders!'
It's Friendlyness and the Human Rights...

Take a stance, brotherman just take a stance,
Take a stance, sistren just take a stance....

We come fi take a stance, what a go on 'pon the planet?
People used to make it, now them just can't manage,
System have the people under fear and panic,
In fact, Human Rights you waan ban it yo!
Well who's at the control, tell who a man it?
Earth a get hotter, yet the flames we a fan it,
Inna Canada yo we deh yah oilsand it.
All over the World the people just can't stand it, yo
The things we do for profit,
And me know the people nah see nothing off it,
Right now me a beg unu fi stop it,
Or else a protest and roadblock it...

So take a stance brotherman just take a stance....

Me a tell you JAH children you have to stand up for sup'm,
Nuff a dem a clown and dem nah stand fi nutt'n,
Can't go a Zion with no ism and schism,
No consumerism or no materialism,
Know the ting ruff we know it tuff we know it hard,
That don't mean say, you no haffi sell out be no fraud,
Burn up mcdonalds nah go shop at wal-mart,
Them poison up the people like a poison dart,
The Almighty dwell inna the secret part,
The secret part of your soul and your heart,
Turn off the light and step inna the dark,
Listen to the silence hear the Almighty talk....

Cause nowadays slave a no chain 'pon no hand,
Now it's pin number and combination,
Where the bumboclaat yo them get that from?
Know say I and I are the revelation,
So man and woman start the revolution,
Get up and stand up and raise fi your hand,
And sing me song...

And take a stance...........

Sight up, sight up.


released June 1, 2012
Recorded and Mixed at Fulla Sound Studios 2012
Music by Friendlyness and the Human Rights
Lyrics by Friendlyness
Copyrights 2012



all rights reserved


The Human Rights Toronto, Ontario

The Human Rights (formally Friendlyness and the Human Rights) have spent 6 years honing their unique style of uplifting, ultraheavy, new roots reggae music. After two Canadian tours, CBC recording sessions, and opening slots for reggae legends Gregory Isaacs, John Holt and Beres Hammond, the ten piece band has just recruited Treson and is gearing up to release their new single "Old School Track." ... more

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